Solar water heater

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Best Selling 120L High efficient and convenient sun hot solar water Heater

May 04 / 2017
Working principle:

The evacuated tubes have two layers of glass tubes, the inner tube absorb solar radiation then convert into heat energy and transfer it to the water in inner tubes. As we know, the density of water in different temperature is different, so the hot water circulates to the water tank, cold water in tank flowing into tubes, through this natural circulation, the water will be heated.The solar water heater tank is a non-pressurized tank, and has an opening to the ambient atmosphere. Solar water heater tank should always be filled with water to avoid damage caused by dry high temperature working conditions. The stainless steel our use belong to food grade, and SUS 304 & SUS 316 have better corrosion resistance.

BTE Solar Advantages:
1.The material of inner tank is stainless steel, good function of anticorrosion and long working life;
2.The material of outer tank is hot galvanized sheet steel with plastics-prayed surface, beautiful and durable;
3.The insulation material of manifold is polyurethane, keep energy in long time;
4.High quality evacuated tubes with triple layer selective absorber coating, vacuum degree≤5.2x10-4Pa, absorbing efficiency≥92.5%;
5.Full automatic production line can realize your different requirements;
6.Working life≥20years.

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