Solar water heater

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Himin solar water heater 58*2100mm glass tube

May 04 / 2017
Product parameter

1) Inner tank material: SUS304 stainless steel ,0.5-0.6mm in thickness.
2) Insulation material: polyurethane foaming,60mm in thickness Outer tank material :plastic coated

galvanized steel plate ,0.5mm in thickness.
3) Frame material: plastic coated galvanized steel plate ,2.0mm in thickness.
4) Vacuum tube material: borosilicate glass 3.3, the vacuum degree of evacuated tube is less than

5×10-4pa, emission ratio ≤0.04
5) Power of electrical heating element : 1) No. of vacuum tube ≤18, P=1.5kw 2) No. of vacuum

tube≥20, P=2.4kw

Core advantages of our products

1. Evacuated tube coating technology – interference film coating
UTLE solar vacuum tube obsoletes the traditional gradual film coating and applies the world's most

advanced vacuum tube coating technology – interference film coating, the three targetcoating -

aluminum, copper and stainless steel. The gradual selective absorbing film coating with a gently

curve, the emittance increase a lot when the working temperature rise to 300 - 500 ℃ as the

emittance increase when the temperature rises. However, Himin "three-high" solar vacuum tube

with interference absorption ultra-low emission selective absorption layer can solve the above

problem instead of the gradual film coating.
2. Argon tungsten-arc welding technology of inner tank
1) Argon tungsten-arc welding technology is adopted for the welding of inner tank.
2) Before welding, wipe the inner tank plate with appropriative clean fluid, and do the welding

within 10 minutes.
3) The material of inner tank is sus 304 with high content of nickel (9%)and chromium(18%),
and the thickness of the plate is 0.5mm

3. Advanced surface treatment process of bracket and shell-electrostatic spraying and high

temperature solidification.
There are 16 surface treatment process. Technological process: put up the workpiece, deg-

reasein advance, degrease, water cleaning1, water cleaning 2, pure water cleaning,

vitrification, water cleaning1, water cleaning 2, pure water cleaning2, pure water spraying,

drying, solidification (200℃,15 minutes) take down the workpiece, trail assembly,

final assembly.

4. Polyurethane horizontal type foaming coating patent technology

1) Controlled by micro-computer, thermostatic quantitative high pressure one-time foaming

process is used, and next high temperature solidification treatment is done.

2) Himin unique horizontal foaming technology, making the foaming more uniform.

3) Imported polyurethane foaming material.

4) The foaming density is a gold density, it reaches 40kg/m3.

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