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Solar Energy Water Pump Split Pressurized Solar Water Heater Price

May 04 / 2017
(1) Specifications:
1.Outer tank: stainless steel
2.Inner tank: SUS304-2B or 316 food-grade stainless steel thickness≥0.4
3.Sealing Ring: Excellenrt Silica gel material. life is twice longer than common Silica gel.
4.Vacuum tuber: High-efficient vacuum tube
*High-Efficient heat-collection function: New generation of vacuum tubes, use molecular nanotechnology, greatly enhance heat-absorption by 20 percent, higher water temperatures.
*Adopts the international advanced film-coating technology, solar thermal conversion rates extremely high, absorbing heat even if the cloud weather.
*Vacuum tube strictly choose high-borosilicate glass 3.3 so that it has low coefficient of thermal expansion and higher intensity. Hail-resistance:25mm
5.Insulation: 55mm polyurethane keep heating do with aging the cell is small and uniform reasonable density excellent insulation
6.Frame: thicker galvanized steel , Anti-corrosive.and Anti-ultraviolet, installed in the slope and flat place freely.Strengthen hail-resistance. Angle:20-80 degree.Through oxidation process.It increase wind resistance.,life is longer than common frame. Beautiful appearance.
7.Automatic operation: Digital controller shows water temperature and water lever,water loading automatically ,heating automatically ,controlling automatically.

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