Solar water heater

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high pressure solar water heater

May 04 / 2017

1) Highly efficient heat pipe technology :Heat Pipe Plus Vacuum Tube structure, no any water in tube, if tube broken, the water not lose.
2) High pressure storage tank (Testing pressure = 12 bar),
3) inner tank material :: enamel tank,2.0mm or stainless steel 1.2mm
4) No sealing rubber is needed and hence no leaking problem
5) Easy plug-in installation, Anti-freeze

1.Inner Tank: Stainless steel ,1.2mm
2.Outer tank: colourful steel(galvanized steel) or stainless steel 3042B(BA),outer diameter:470mm

3.Vacuum tube: High-efficient vacuum tube (58mm 1800mm) Hail resistance: 25mm
4.Supporting Frame: Galvanized steel Sheet or Stainless steel sheet,Angle:20-80 degree.
5.Insulating Layer: Foaming polyurethane, Thickness 55mm
6.Working Pressure : 6-8bar

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