Solar water heater

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stainless steel vacuum glass tubes Solar Water Heater

May 04 / 2017
1 Working principle

1. Solar vacuum tube was evacuated into the tank,

the coating inside of tube can absorb heat energy from sunshine.

2. The cold water in water tank flows into the tube and

become hot because of different density between cold and hot,there will

be a natural circulation in the tube. Hot water will float back to tank.

3. The polyurethane heat insulation layer can keep the water warm

about 3 days without any sunshine.

Consumer can enjoy comfortable bathe anytime.

2 Features

1. Imported Stainless Steel.

2. Reliable and efficient.
3. CE Approved.
4. Stable solar conversion during the day.
5. Easy installation.
6. Ideal for many solar water heating applications.
7. Can be used for heating water, room and floor.
8. Simple structure and working principle.
9. 5 years' warranty for the whole system.

10. Environmental.

3 Remarks

1. Lead-time: 7-15 working days after receiving payment

2. Payment Term: T/T, L/C, Western Union

3. Warranty: 5 Years for the full system, 15 Years for the vacuum

tube,and 1 year for accessories

4. Trade Term: FOB, CFR and CIF

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